Spirited Away

One fine day, I’ll let myself be
Spirited away, to a world yet unseen
In the grey, the mist of a dream
Where sprites play and nature nymphs stream
Amidst the spray of waterfalls and green
Forests, a ray of sunshine, a beam
Of light, a stray path in between.

One day soon, I’ll let myself go
To the moon, to the stars that glow
Like the bloom of ideas, the flow
Of a tune of memories that grow
And then swoon, like the winds blow
Across the dun and the swirling snow
Paints a plume on skies I used to know

One dark night, I’ll let myself fly
Out of sight, out of mind, with a sigh
I’ll take flight, let loose every tie
Every plight that weighs and asks why
Every fight won or lost, on a high
Of pure light, I’ll laugh and I’ll cry
With delight, I’ll be spirited away by and by

Wayne Visser © 2020


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