Little Foot

A tribute to the “Little Foot” fossil at Sterkfontein Caves, South Africa

Your footprints in the rock
Supplied a vital clue
A key that might unlock
The mystery of you

They take us on a journey
Back four million years
A branching of the life-tree
When ape-man first appears

Aeons passed in slumber
Left undisturbed by time
Until Man’s blast of thunder
Exposed the hollow lime

Even then you stayed hid
In caves of Sterkfontein
The world’s first hominid
A secret yet remained

Until the revelation
By digger Robert Clarke
Brought you commendation
And freedom from the dark

Upon an outstretched arm
Your weary head still rested
And your shortened palm
Sparked theories now contested

Your waking in the valley
Takes science to the brink
Could you really be
The fated missing link?

Of you books will be written
Your sleep has turned to fame
Your progeny are smitten
And echo your proud name

Little Foot you have trod
Our path of history
Forever after we are shod
With your humanity

Wayne Visser © 2017


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