Cave of the Gods

A tribute to Sterkfontein Caves, South Africa

What is this place?
This home of the stromatolite
Which breathed oxygen into life
When the planet still steamed toxic?

What is this place?
This womb of the mammals
Which found warmth in their blood
When reptiles still ruled the land?

What is this place?
This cradle of the ape-man
Who walked erect on the ground
When the jungles still favoured swinging?

What is this place?
This crucible of the stone-man
Who tamed the wild red flower
When nature still feared incineration?

What is this place?
This forge of the iron-man
Who amplified power in their hands
When the elements still tested survival?

What is this place?
This valley of the ancestors
Who discovered strength in community
When civilization still wanted nurturing?

What is this place?
This tomb of the warriors
Who fought the battle for dignity
When prejudice was still a formidable foe?

What is this place?
This site of world heritage
Which celebrates creation’s genesis
When the world still craves rebirth?

What is this place?
This cave of the gods
Who dream humanity into the future
When evolution is still an embryo?

Wayne Visser © 2017


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