Who Lives There?

I wonder who lives there
In the flat over the common
With the window with the flowers
And the lamp and the sparkling butterfly?
What do they think when they look out
And see the world traipsing by
And watch the dogs running
And the leaves falling?

I wonder what they dream
As they gaze across to the river
With the longboats with the chimneys
And the swans and the enigmatic names?
Who do they pine for as they look out
And marvel at the ever changing sky
And sense the moods shifting
And the light fading?

I wonder if they see me
Walking past along the path
With my jacket with the colours
And my hat and my crazy imaginings?
Do they ever notice when I look up
And reach inside their cosy world
And touch them with curiosity
And a strange longing?

Wayne Visser © 2017


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