Walk On

When the life you know is shattered
And you’re left wounded by the blast
When everything that once was whole
Is scattered in broken pieces
Walk on

When pain is tearing you apart
And yet you cannot shed a tear
When people talk in whispered tones
And all you want to do is scream
Walk on

When the ground gives way beneath you
And you’re swept out to the ocean
When chaos swirls like tempest clouds
And the rain is unrelenting
Walk on

When you’re cheated on and lied to
By the one who said they loved you
When the kiss you thought was tender
Leaves a bitter trace of poison
Walk on

When your inner world has frozen
Yet the world outside keeps turning
When the sun still shines and friends laugh
Yet all you feel is dark and sad
Walk on

When the one you shared your life with
Is taken from your warm embrace
When all that’s left is a dull ache
And the icy hand of sorrow
Walk on

When you’re duty bound and shackled
And there’s no way out of the maze
When obligations weigh you down
And expectations tie you up
Walk on

When you’re running life on empty
And exhausting all your reserves
When all you want to do is sleep
Or curl up in a ball and hide
Walk on

When each morning begs a reason
For why you should get up at all
When each evening brings a shadow
Of haunted dreams and memories
Walk on

When goals can no longer inspire
And hopes are tainted with despair
When anywhere seems much too far
And your biggest wish is just to stop
Walk on

Wayne Visser © 2017


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