As you nurture new buds and fresh shoots
Don’t let cruel words strangle each blossom
Rather pluck them right out by their roots
And be happy to tangle and toss ‘em
Yes, just leave them behind
(They’re like weeds in your mind)
And believe in yourself –

What the buzz are they bumbling about?
What the fuzz are they mumbling about?
They’re just grumbling and fumbling
And stumbling about;
Their thoughts have no power
Their words have no clout
So believe in yourself –
No doubt.

As you stretch out your wings wide and roam
Through new days that are dark or are sunny
You’re expanding the reach of your home
And besides that, you’re making sweet honey
Yes, I think you will find
You’re the best of your kind
So believe in yourself –

What the chit are they chattering about?
What the flit are they nattering about?
They’re just clattering and battering
And scattering about;
Their looks have no poison
Their deeds turn about
So believe in yourself –
No doubt.

As you fly by from flowers to trees
And you feel that the strain may be showing
Just remember, you’re surfing the breeze
There’s no telling the places you’re going
You’re the dance of new rhymes
You’re the song of our times
So believe in yourself –

Wayne Visser © 2017


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