Swirling with stars and galaxies
Pulsing with planets and nebulae
Asking questions without answers
Chasing beginnings without end
Echoing the distant song of creation

Sacred stories of our birth
Prophets’ warnings of our death
Ancient myths of the heavens
Chartered maps of the skies
Eternally we quest for our place

Scattered light in the darkness
Puny warmth in the deep cold
Above and beyond yet also within
Calling us to stretch and explore
Explaining everything and nothing

Spawning the fiction of science
Playing with the props of matter
Acting on the stage of time
Casting the gods of destiny
Encore! for the cosmic drama

Sparkling with secrets and fantasies
Pregnant with the possibilities of life
Always there, yet never quite in reach
Creation swirls with order and chaos
Expressing our resonant inner worlds.

Wayne Visser © 2005


String, Donuts, Bubbles and Me: Favourite Philosophical Poems

This creative collection, now in its 3rd edition, brings together philosophical poems by Wayne Visser. In this anthology, he muses on subjects ranging from space, angels and destiny to time, science and meaning in life. According to scientists / The world’s made of string / That buzzes and fuzzes / Or some such strange thing / It’s also a donut / That curls round a hole / With middles and riddles / Just like a fish bowl / And there’s no mistaking / It’s more than 3-D / With twenty or plenty / Dimensions unseen / Still others insist / It’s really a bubble / That’s popping and bopping / Through the lenses of Hubble. Buy the paper book / Buy the e-book.