Names are tangled pathways to meaning
And secret tunnels to hidden treasure
Names are skeleton keys to sacred symbols
And enigmatic codes to scrambled messages

Names connect together
And affirm uniqueness
Names resonate with power
And quiver with subtlety
Names build bridges
And break down walls

Names are echoing voices of the past
And shimmering visions of the future
Names are the silky touch of the now
And the delicate breath of all eternity.

Wayne Visser © 2005


String, Donuts, Bubbles and Me: Favourite Philosophical Poems

This creative collection, now in its 3rd edition, brings together philosophical poems by Wayne Visser. In this anthology, he muses on subjects ranging from space, angels and destiny to time, science and meaning in life. According to scientists / The world’s made of string / That buzzes and fuzzes / Or some such strange thing / It’s also a donut / That curls round a hole / With middles and riddles / Just like a fish bowl / And there’s no mistaking / It’s more than 3-D / With twenty or plenty / Dimensions unseen / Still others insist / It’s really a bubble / That’s popping and bopping / Through the lenses of Hubble. Buy the paper book / Buy the e-book.