Giving Up

I’m giving up –
Not on life, but on those actions that threaten life
Not on living, but on those habits that distract from living
Not on loving, but on those fears that get in the way of loving

I’m giving up
Food that forges a chain of suffering and death
Clothes that weave a garment of exploitation and shame
Fuels that are harbingers of cancer and climate catastrophe

I’m giving up –
Not on people, but on the poor choices that people make
Not on freedom, but on the complacency that cripples freedom
Not on hope, but on the sense of impotence that kills all hope

I’m giving up
Words that break down rather than build up others
Work that lacks a greater purpose of improving society
Products that leave a trail of misery and waste in their wake

I’m giving up –
For the good of myself and those who have less than I do
For the good of the planet and those who share its blue-green bounty
For the good of the children and those who will inherent what we leave behind

I’m giving up
All these things and more –
In my best and brightest and bravest moments –
For good

Wayne Visser © 2019


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