Earth Spirit

Whenever life gets me down
When I feel disconsolate, disillusioned, disconnected
Wandering aimlessly and wondering wistfully
When something’s amiss and I don’t know what it is
I find it helps to call upon the Spirit of the Earth
To invoke that which moves and breathes and infuses all life
To remind me of my vital place in the universe
Where I am inextricably linked, connected, enmeshed
Swaying in sync with the moon and tides
Stretching for the skies along with trees and birds
Singing in unconscious harmony with nature’s chorus
And never truly alone, or cut off or superfluous
Never really without direction or bereft of love
For the great Earth Spirit enfolds me and entwines us
It binds our actions and amplifies our intentions
It is the spirit of possibility and positivity
The source of our energy and the web of our dreams
It bathes us in the wisdom of countless aeons
And heals us with the gentle rays of time
Therefore, in our hour of need and season of doubt
Let us be open to the promise of the Earth Spirit
To the hope that rises within us
To the faith that extends beyond us
To the love that gathers around us
Let us welcome the invisible power of the planet
And the indivisible power of the people
Let us be guardians and advocates of our Earth
Even as the Earth nurtures and cares for us
Let our Earth Spirit invocation be a commitment
To live and love in the highest and truest way we know
For the sake of ourselves
For the future of our children
And for the life of our only home, Earth.

Inspired by and dedicated to Juanita Visser. See

Wayne Visser © 2019


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