Forty Five

The turn of the seasons, the loop of the sun
Another year over, another begun
A decade ago, I felt barely alive
Now, healthy and happy, I turn forty-five

I’ve searched for new answers to questions of old
I’ve dared to be different and dreamed to be bold
I’ve tickled life’s wonder and kindled love’s spark
I’ve travelled to places that each left their mark

The mountain cathedrals of Peja’s great charm
The hills of Sri Lanka with Buddha-blessed calm
The joining together with Amazon friends
The fresh new beginnings and reconceived ends

The nocturnal sparkle of Moscow’s Red Square
The spices and colours of New Delhi’s flare
The rejuvenation in the fairest of Capes
The call of adventure and shifting of shapes

I’ve weaved webs of words to teach and inspire
I’ve called on our leaders to change or retire
I’ve spoken with students of making a dent
I’ve gone to great cities and learned as I went

The Singapore gardens with green walls of flowers
The Caspian welcome with Baku’s flame towers
The Da Vinci artworks Milano unveils
The Stockholm ice bar with its blue winter’s tales

The waffles of Antwerp and Amsterdam’s eye
Ann Arbor’s giant cookies and trails in the sky
The Tesla electric with still Scarlett pace
The Force reawakens from frontiers of space

I’ve listened to whispers of fate on the breeze
I’ve taken a step on the long walk for trees
I’ve dreamed of a future where waste is no more
I’ve reached for the circle with life as its core

The terrors of Paris; its climate accord
The march of brave migrants across Europe’s ford
The struggles of many show will to survive
I’m counting my blessings; I’ve turned forty-five

Wayne Visser © 2017


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