The taper of time glimmers and burns
Flaring and fluttering
Spitting and sputtering
While the spectre of space shimmers and churns
Foaming and fomenting
Reeling and relenting

And at the gnarly nexus of time and space
I must seize my moment and take my place
My light may shine bright, or dim as a glow
My path may lead straight, or bend like a bow
Still I’ll pass on the flame, keep on planting a tree
I’ll be part of the change – crack the code fifty-three

The days of the year have trickled and surged
Etching and eroding
Fulfilled and foreboding
While the ways of the past are kindled and purged
Melting and misfiring
Inking and inspiring

And at the fateful fulcrum of future and past
I must battle with ghosts and fight for what lasts
My sword may be blunt, or sharp as my fear
My feet may be slow, or swift as a deer
Still I’ll give it my best, with those stood beside me
I’ll step into the breach – bear the flag fifty-three

The trails of the sun have burnished and honed
Luring and languishing
Vexing and vanquishing
While the voices of doubt have whispered and moaned
Chastening and chattering
Niggling and nattering

Still the taper keeps burning, my days trickle by
The spectre keeps churning, new ways kindle fire
The nexus keeps seeding, my fulcrum is poised
The sun-trails are leading, new voices bring joys
I’ll give thanks for the love, and be all I can be
There’s a road-trip ahead – up on route fifty-three

Wayne Visser © 2023


Life in Transit: Favourite Travel & Tribute Poems

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