Poetry Quotations

These quotations are taken from poems I have written, dating back to 1987.



Mists – Mists swirl, yet on my feet I stand – your hand in mine.


Awake – Live the dream for soon it dies – life’s a dream, before we rise.

Life’s Dream – Life’s a dream, it seems to me, in which we choose our destiny.

Life’s Dream – We decide and we create; we walk the path and call it fate.

Life’s Dream – As we walk, we learn and grow, until in time we finally know that all is one and one is all.

Explore – Something calls me to explore, but locks and chains still bar the door.

Footprints – Sets of prints upon the sand – perhaps in time, in time I’ll know, where those footprints are to go.

Keep Up the Smiles – Who knows what and who knows how – the future rests on here and now

People – Cannot package, seal and brand – people, one must understand.

Release – Loved ones never leave your side – in your love, they rest and abide.

Reach Out and Touch – Reach out and touch someone in need – broken lives, hearts that bleed.

Reach Out and Touch – Give not to them advice nor creed – reach out and touch someone in need.

Dare Not – If I don’t dare, how would my loss compare to what I might well gain if my courage were sustained?

Pressure – Though pressure builds and workload piles, never forfeit joys nor smiles.

Pressure – Never lose your hold on hope – you have the means and you will cope.

Pressure – Never lose your will to win – have confidence in strength within.

Pressure – Know that as you persevere, what you strive for will draw near.

All Seems – Without, within, this world of dreams – life is never what it seems.

Un-Doing – I know the when, the why and how, but what becomes of here and now?

I Love You Mom – The freedom you’ve given is the freedom I need – you’ve allowed me to grow, having sown the seed.

I Love You Mom – You give of yourself and don’t count the cost – and the love that’s been gained will never be lost.

I Love You Mom – Consider each day of the year as a celebration of love with the ones you hold dear.

Perspective – There’s a crispy freshness in all that you do when your perspective changes to one that is new.

I Believe – I believe in you, I believe in me; I believe in all that we can be.

I Believe – I believe in sunshine and in rain; I believe no loss, for all is gain.

I Believe – I believe in the night and in the day; I believe that each finds their own way.

I Believe – I believe in seasons and the turn of tide; I believe in each sunset and each sunrise.

I Believe – I believe in life and in the living; I believe in receiving and in giving.

I Believe – I believe in peace and love divine; I believe in your way and in mine.

Only Love – Only love – it’s all that matters, all that binds, all that fulfils, all that finds.

Only Love – It’s all that holds, all that contains, all that is, all that remains – only love.

Mystery – There is a mystery which is you, a mystery which is me – and a mystery which is you and me.


Quest Divine – Onward inward, still in mind – so much to do, so much to find.

More to come … watch this space!


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