Prose by Wayne Visser

~ Dreams are the swirling smoke of our spirit’s fire ~

Do you dream often?
What do they mean, these wispy, incoherent images that drift like clouds across the moon of our nightscape?
Should we just dismiss our dreams as the daily unwinding of our clockwork minds, the inevitable uncoiling of our highly sprung emotions?
Or are they vital messages from our unconscious depths, waiting to be deciphered?
There are many kinds of dreams – nocturnal dreams and waking dreams, dream of the shadow and dreams of the light.
Dreaming takes us into a world of transience.
Nothing is fixed, everything is dynamic; nothing is solid, everything is fluid; nothing is predictable, everything is volatile.
Maybe that is why dreams sometimes appear as nightmares.
We fear the unknown.
Uncertainty makes us anxious.
It is also why we often discard dreams as nonsense.
They don’t conform to our neat boxes of rationality.
They are the genie which refuses to stay inside the lamp of logic.
Dreaming is our more honest way of being – an uncensored state, where thoughts manifest as actions and emotions flare as colour.
When we dream, we glimpse inside a compressed time capsule – intention instantly translates into motion and the gap between cause and effect is closed.
This too can be frightening.
Are we prepared to accept responsibility for our wishes if they come true?
Will we like what we see in a world where we reap what we sow – in thought, word and deed – instantly?
Another reason for the sometimes ominous quality of our dreams is that they represent our shadow.
Everything we suppress or ignore or deny in ourselves – whatever we push below the surface of our consciousness – ends up in the subterranean caverns of our dreaming.
It is our psyche’s way of encouraging us to embrace our shadow, to restore the balance between light and dark, seen and unseen.
Have you ever noticed what happens to the monsters in your dreams when you respond with love rather than react with fear, when you offer acceptance rather than rejection, when you seek to understand rather than judge?
They mutate – the monsters are transformed into something less sinister, or they may disappear completely.
But not all dreams are nightmares.
What of ecstatic dreams – transcendent dreams of flying and connective dreams of love?
Could these dreams of light be a form of communication with our higher selves, an encounter with our angels and spirit guides, a discarnate meeting place for friends and loved ones?
Sometimes the power and authenticity of such dreams lead us to wonder whether they do in fact represent a larger reality.
Perhaps our waking world is the real dream-state, the more limited manifestation of our potential as spiritual beings.
Whatever our beliefs, dreams are sources of great energy, which we can tap into and channel in our lives.
Dreams remind us that anything is possible.
They give us the courage to think big, to pursue our visions.
Dreams are wormholes in time, allowing us to slip into parallel dimensions of reality, to glimpse how our lives might be different, to imagine what spectacular secrets the universe may contain.
Daydreaming sneaks us past the soldiers that guard the fortress of our three-dimensional rational world and lead us through the tunnels and catacombs of possibility into a lush landscape of sagacious knowledge.
And when we return – when we snap back into our normal waking consciousness – we still carry the gems from our otherworldly travels in our pockets.
Don’t fret if you don’t know what your dream-acquired treasures mean.
When the lock appears, the key will present itself.
In the meantime, dream on.
Follow your dreams today and see where they take you.

Wayne Visser © 2005


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