What If

What if the home that you’ve been making
And the smile that you’ve been faking
Have left you lost in space
Feeling anything but free?

Will you let go of the past
To reveal your fate at last
And will you rise to meet the tide
To restore your inner pride?

What if the bread that you’ve been breaking
And the hands that you’ve been shaking
Have brought you face to face
With your own worst enemy?

Will you open up your mind
To accept the worlds you find?
And will you let yourself forgive
To restore your zest to live?

What if the dream that you’ve been shaping
And the path that you’ve been taking
Have brought you to a place
That is neither land nor sea?

Will you find it in your heart
To make a fresh new start?
And will you stretch your very soul
To reach that higher goal?

Wayne Visser © 2017


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