Tree of Life

Original seed
In the womb of mother earth
Germinated by a desire for meaning
Nurtured by the water of evolution

Founding roots
In the fiery lava of unconsciousness
Anchored by the principles of life
Thirsty for the mineral elements of sustenance

Tender tendrils
In the dark humus of creativity
Stretched towards the warmth of light
Called forth by the sky of destiny

Budding leaves
In the gentle rays of first knowledge
Turned to face the fire of passion
Tracking forever the sun of inspiration

Sturdy stem
In the changing winds of time
Joining our mother earth and father sky
Holder of the sap of wisdom

Spreading branches
In the varied seasons of the soul
Extended in the fellowship of love
Umbrella for the shadow of opposites

Succulent fruits
In the bountiful harvest of achievement
Fermenting new ideas under the moonlight
Spawning the seeds of the future

Exquisite flowers
In the colourful spectrum of rainbow spirit
Reflected in the stars of illumination
Unfolding the petals of enlightenment

Sacred symbol
In the harmonious voices of diverse traditions
Dxui to the Bushmen, Simakade to the Zulus
Kabala of the Jews, Eden of the Christians

Tree of Life
In the cosmic worlds of seen and unseen reality
Forever the inspired muse of creation
Connect us to the forest of the living whole

Wayne Visser © 2000


String, Donuts, Bubbles and Me: Favourite Philosophical Poems

This creative collection, now in its 3rd edition, brings together philosophical poems by Wayne Visser. In this anthology, he muses on subjects ranging from space, angels and destiny to time, science and meaning in life. According to scientists / The world’s made of string / That buzzes and fuzzes / Or some such strange thing / It’s also a donut / That curls round a hole / With middles and riddles / Just like a fish bowl / And there’s no mistaking / It’s more than 3-D / With twenty or plenty / Dimensions unseen / Still others insist / It’s really a bubble / That’s popping and bopping / Through the lenses of Hubble. Buy the paper book / Buy the e-book.