To Live Is To Have Tried

For some the load is heavy
Others’ tread is light
But in the end we are alone
Each facing our own plight

No matter if mud clogs our feet
Or we soar across the sky
It does not help to question
The timeless reasons why

For some the wheel of karma
Others plot the stars
But none provide immunity
From bruises, cuts and scars

No matter what the obstacles
The maze of test and trial
Coping is the grit of life
And we can choose to smile

For some the way is shrouded
Others’ path is clear
But each must step ahead in faith
And cling to hope, not fear

No matter that it’s hard sometimes
With others by our side
What matters more is that we know
To live is to have tried.

Wayne Visser © 2004


String, Donuts, Bubbles and Me: Favourite Philosophical Poems

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