Our life is so much more than a duty or a chore
Of merely getting by without a why or what for
The law of tooth and claw, the struggle to exist
To rally and resist against life’s slow decay
The way of entropy, of living just to see
Another day, to stay, to endure and survive
No, life is meant to thrive

In nature all things grow, from seed to tree, we know
The cycle of living through giving, of reap and sow
The flow, things come and go, the cycles of grooming
From sprouting to blooming, of stretching for the light
The bright palette of hope, the diverse ways to cope
To cherish and flourish, bursting forth and alive
For nature means to thrive

Society lives too, a melting pot we brew
From cultures and crises, with spices for flavour
And kindness to savour, ideas for conceiving
And goals for achieving that stretch us and bind us
That find us, together in all kinds of weather
Wanting what’s fair, to care, longing to love and strive
For society to thrive

The markets live and breathe in complex webs we weave
The synapses of trade have made the things we need
Each deed a chance to lead, while tech is getting smart
Yet still, it needs a heart, a compass as a guide
To tide us through the storm and find a better norm
A breakthrough to renew, an innovation drive
Yes, markets too can thrive

All life is meant to rise, to reach up to the skies
To move beyond the edge, to fledge with hopeful cries
Life tries until it flies, it shakes and spreads its wings
And trills each note it sings, while given time and space
The race of life is run, full powered by the sun
On land, in seas, like bees’ sweet nectar from the hive
All life is made to thrive.

Wayne Visser © 2021


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