That Big Thing

I’ve given up waiting
For that big thing
That will change everything:
The big break
That will launch a dream career
The big adventure
That will script a hero’s journey
The big idea
That will carve a notch in history

The thing is that bigger
Is not only not always better
It’s also not always what it seems:
Some big things (like coral reefs)
Are really small things made big
Some small things (like embryos)
Are really big things made small
Still other big things (like celebrities)
Are big at small things, but small at big things

So now I’m much more interested
In the small things
That are probably the essence of all things:
The scientist fathoms a big universe
By delving into its smallest parts
The merchant grows a big business
By doing myriad small things well
The artist paints a big dream
One small brushstroke at a time

Wayne Visser © 2017


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