Swahili Spice

A Tribute to Tanzania

Greetings from Dar Es Salaam:
Eternal harbour of peace.

Dusty roads and diesel fumes
Pungent fish and fragrant blooms

Cauldron markets, bubbling trade
Vibrant fabrics, crafts handmade

Welcome in Zanzibar:
Exotic island of spice.

Azure skies and brooding clouds
Baking sun and thunder shrouds

Coastal mangroves, palm-lined shores
Exotic spices, wood-carved doors

Friend of Africa:
Continent of passion.

Shaking tops and swaying hips
Clapping hands and whistling lips

Frothing rhythms, stamping feet
Pulsing music, living beat

Farewell to Bagamoyo:
Place of crushed hearts.

Ancient merchants, trading routes
Bartered treasures, plundered loots

Faded portraits, shadowed past
Rusted shackles, free at last

Wayne Visser © 2017


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