It’s not about where you were born
Or the colour of your face
It’s not about who your parents are
Or where you secured a place

Success is about how far you can travel
And how much you can learn
How your roots can become shoots
And your bitter seasons can turn

It’s not about how high you have risen
Or how much you’ve got stashed
It’s not about how widely you’re known
Or with whom you’ve been flashed

Success is about how deep you can care
And how hard you can try
How your nights can become lights
And your crazy ideas can fly

It’s not about how clever you are
Or how ruthless you can be
It’s not about what plaudits you’ve won
Or your monuments to greed

Success is about how well you can do
With the hand you’ve been given
How your heart can become strong
With the love that you’re living

Wayne Visser © 2017


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