Spirit of the Mountain

We climb, but not because the mountain is there
But because there is great joy in climbing
We climb, not because we want to conquer the peaks
But because we want to test our own limits
We climb, not because ascending is easy or direct
But because it is a struggle that strengthens us

The summit is wherever we want to go
Knowing that we will have to work to get there
The summit is whatever we dream of becoming
Knowing that every step we take brings us closer
The summit is however we envision a better world
Knowing that all change begins with us

We rest, not because we are defeated
But because we like to savour the view
We rest, not because we are weak or soft
But because we respect the rhythms of life
We rest, not because we wish to stop
But because we plan to go on even longer

The mountain is every barrier before us
Knowing that our body can rise to the challenge
The mountain is every opportunity ahead
Knowing that our mind is a source of great power
The mountain is every aspiration we nurture
Knowing that our spirit is the crucible of creation

Wayne Visser © 2018


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