Sad and Blue

I’m mad at you
Boiling, bubbling, spitting, seething
Raging, reeling mad at you

For what you’ve done
Letting us come undone
With your heartless shun
For twisted means to distorted ends
Where the rule of marriage bends
As you cross the line of friends
For how you disrespected me
All the while neglected me
And finally rejected me
For knowing the pain of bleeding
And yet still being willing
To go ahead with the killing
For all the pathological lies
The dishonesty I despise
And your two-faced disguise
For promises of love forever
Through every kind of weather
And of always staying together
For all the things you could have said
When my jealous wounds bled
And choosing silence instead
For leaving me to guess
While you were creating this mess
And turning us into less
For all the words unspoken
Beneath your smiling token
Which now leave us broken
For making me a spy
Suspecting that you’d lie
And hang me out to dry
For not giving us a chance
Not even a second glance
Before the final dance
For devaluing our past
A union that was meant to last
And that you let go so fast
For how you betrayed me
With your actions degraded me
And finally slayed me

I’m mad at you
But more than that, much more than that
I’m just sad and blue

Wayne Visser © 2017


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