Radical Activist

You call me a radical activist
Condemning my actions as touting extremes
No doubt there’s a need for instruction
For it’s high praise, if you know what it means

What else should I be, if not radical
For radical means to go back to the roots
A farmer begins by preparing the earth
And seeding the soil, in time, brings new shoots

You call me a radical activist
For sourcing the problem or ultimate cause
No doubt it results in disruption
Or blocking and breaking unjustified laws

And what else should I be, if not active
(I’ll be passive enough when I’m done and dead)
The world needs a shake-up to wake it
And the legacy ways, like leaves, must be shed

You call me a radical activist
And I thank you kindly for this accolade
No doubt it’s the path of construction
Of shaping and shifting – our future remade

Wayne Visser © 2023


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