Promise Me

Promise me you’ll not forget anything we’ve shared
Promise me that you’ll reach out even when you’re scared
Promise me you’ll not regret anything you’ve said
Promise me that you’ll learn from every path we tread

Promise me you’ll not give up until you’re flying free
Promise me that you’ll explore wondrous worlds with me
Promise me you’ll not forsake your faith in Neverland
Promise me you’ll dream of us walking hand in hand

Promise me you’ll not destroy fragile bonds of trust
Promise me you’ll always speak the honest truth you must
Promise me you’ll not believe in stereotypes that scar
Promise me that you’ll perceive how beautiful you are

Promise me you’ll not desert the passion of love’s way
Promise that you’ll fly with me forever come what may
Promise me all of these things, but be always aware
My biggest fear remains that I will damage what is rare

Wayne Visser © 2017


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