Blind looking without seeing – then a glimpse …
Deaf listening without hearing – then a sound …
Numb sensing without feeling – then a prick …
Dumb speaking without saying – then a laugh …

I see her peeking from among the clouds
Hear her softly whispering upon the breeze
Feel her gently tugging at my hair
Greet her gladly with affirming “yes”

She comes at the beckon of my indifference
Nods in empathy with my dissatisfaction
Frowns under the swirl of my confusion
Tempts me with a winked promise of rejuvenation

She has heard the mulled monotony of professional mantras chanted
Tasted the bland boredom of pedalled ideas regurgitated
Felt the tired treadmill of plodding paths travelled
Seen the smiling crack in the grey shell-trap of routine

I see you – sparkling!
I hear you – fizzing!
I feel you – bubbling!
I greet you – bursting!

You scatter new seeds
Sprinkle magic dust
Trickle liquid energy
Shower nourishing rays

You bring the gift of yeast
Fermenting with expectation
Inside the needy dough
Of my daily bread

You are welcome
My familiar friend
Back to rescue me
Just in time
From un-caring

Wayne Visser © 2017


Seize the Day: Favourite Inspirational Poems

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