Marie’s Poem

A Tribute to Marie Steyn

I know a special lady
And you may know her too
She’s just so vriendelik
What’s a guy to do!

I know a gentle lady
She is a Kaapse nooi
I would not tell a lie
Sy’s so vreeslik mooi!

I know a clever lady
She has great taste in men
You ask me how I know?
I am one of them!

I know a lekker lady
She always makes me smile
She tells such rude grappe
With consummate style!

I know a super lady
She doesn’t mince her words
She’ll say just what she thinks:
‘Jong! That’s for the birds!’

I know a loving lady
She cares from start to end
What’s more, kan jy dit glo?
Sy’s my beste friend

Wayne Visser © 2017


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