Lived Life True

What wise words can I give to you young one
As your precious life is scarcely begun?
Most of life’s maxims you’ll learn as you go
But still there are things I think you should know:

You’ll love and be loved and so you will thrive
You’ll hurt and be hurt and still you’ll survive
You’ll find and be found along your own track
You’ll lose and be lost and make your way back

You’ll look for answers and live your questions
You’ll search for reasons and find your lessons
You’ll cling to beliefs and learn to let go
You’ll strive for freedom and reap what you sow

You’ll have your hardships and fair share of pain
You’ll earn your triumphs and squander your gain
You’ll be downhearted and inspired to heights
You’ll walk on the earth and dream of great flights

These few words of mine may not be all wise
But still they may help sort the truth from lies
So when you look back and your days are through
You’ll have no regrets for you lived life true.

Wayne Visser © 2006


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