Land of the Sun

A Tribute to South Africa

I’ll never give up
On this land of the sun
Where the people are many
And the spirit is one

There’s a battle that’s raging
Of the dark and the light
Which side are you choosing?
Will you stand up and fight?

I’ll never turn back
On this place of the bow
Where the long walk to freedom
Has a long way to go

There’s a new revolution
Of what’s wrong and what’s right
Will you question the leaders?
Will you root out the blight?

I’ll never let go
Of this home of the wild
Where the beasts roam the plains
And the hope’s in a child

There’s a struggle unended
Of the days and the nights
Will you be strong together?
Will you rise to great heights?

I’ll never give up
On this cradle of life
Where the problems are many
And the future shines bright

Wayne Visser © 2017


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