Island Dreams

You share such beautiful island wishes
That my eyes blink with tears
Sparkling, happy tears
Tears of amazement and wonder
For beauty’s smile and love’s fecundity in you
For the joy of your risen imagination
Shining like the yellow Moroccan sun

These are the dreams that make life real
These are the words that make my heart beat
Beat in harmony
These are the days of surreal contentment
And the nights of thanking our lucky stars
Of blessing the gods of north and south
For bringing us together, here, now

So as the wind howls and the bare trees sway
As the rain spatters my winter window pane
The window on our future
Looks out on spring in a riot of technicolour
With herons sweeping a cerulean sky
And ivy ladders stretched to the moon
Where we lie laughing in Wensleydale craters
And scale the lunar summits of love

Wayne Visser © 2017


Icarus: Favourite Love Poems

This creative collection, now in its 2nd edition, brings together love poems by Wayne Visser. The anthology traces love’s agony (“Broken Dreams”) and ecstasy (“Galaxies Cart-Wheeling”), from first blush (“Almost Strangers”) to full bloom (“Say ‘I Do!’”), as we fly to love. You’ve given me the gift of golden wings / The endless sphere of blue imaginings / The chance to rise above the silver clouds / The will to cast off untold ghostly shrouds / Don’t fly too high / Don’t rise too fast / Don’t tease the sky / Don’t taunt the past / You’ve given me the hope of warmer days / The blessed kiss of the sun’s fiery rays. Buy the paper book / Buy the e-book.