If You Believe

Do you believe that the world can be better?
That what comes next is not determined by what came before
That every choice we make creates a new nexus of possibility
And every action we take shapes a new pathway of history?

Do you believe that the future will be brighter?
That every problem has a solution that can take us forward
That every setback contains a lesson that makes us stronger
And every fear hides a dream that was conceived in love?

Do you believe that the earth can recover?
That the damage we’ve done does not preclude nature from healing
That every degraded field is an opportunity to rewild the land
And every polluted water body is an invitation to bring back life?

Do you believe that peace can return?
That acts of violence are a vicious cycle that can be broken
That every conflict is a maze of pain with a way out
And every aggression is a futile fight with our own shadow?

Do you believe that all people can thrive?
That yesterday’s deprivation does not prevent tomorrow’s fulfilment
That every injustice is a clarion call to take a stand
And every unmet need is fertile ground to seed innovation?

Do you believe that our children will proper?
That their beautiful lives are not shackled by our legacy of mistakes
That every challenge is a classroom to apply new learning
And every lifetime is a playground for fresh imagination?

Because if you believe, then a brighter future will dawn
If you believe, then the earth will recover and peace will return
If you believe, then people will thrive and our children will prosper
If you believe, then nothing – absolutely nothing – is impossible

If you believe, you will act to remake our world and reshape our future
If you believe, you will care enough to listen to the voices of change
If you believe, you will join together to harness the power of hope
But first you must believe, for all life begins as an audacious act of faith.

Wayne Visser © 2024


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