There are gifts
(So many musely gifts)
That you gave
To me

Gifts I will treasure
Forever –
The view of the bridge
The popcorn curfew –
Forever gifts
I will treasure

Gifts that nobody can take
Away –
The scent of curls
The caterpillar kisses –
Away gifts
That nobody can take

There are gifts
(Such priceless passionate gifts)
That you crafted
For me

Gifts that will live
On and on –
Love letters to Heather
Picture perfect days –
On and on gifts
That will live

Gifts that I can’t imagine
Giving back –
A child’s poem
Black and white prints –
Giving back gifts
That I can’t imagine

There are gifts
(Such sparkling darkling gifts)
That we exchanged

Gifts that were bursting
Surprise –
Islands where fish drum
Houses of stars –
Surprise gifts
That were bursting

Gifts that still echo
Echo echo –
Lessons of flight
Colours in the dust –
Echo echo gifts
That still echo

Then there are gifts
(Such hopeful hope-filled gifts)
That I gave
To you

Gifts that could now become
Worthless –
Because I could not give
The true gift of giving –
Worthless gifts
That could now become

Gifts you will be tempted to
Throw away –
Because you deserve more
So much more than my gifts –
Throw away gifts
You will be tempted to

And then there are gifts
(Such hallowed haunted gifts)
I can never again give
To you

Wayne Visser © 2017


Icarus: Favourite Love Poems

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