Galaxies Cart-Wheeling

We make the skies dance and the trees sing
The swans dream and the fields ring
They come alive and flex their voices
Finding joy in simple choices

We make the sun beam and the moon shine
The clouds paint and the stars rhyme
They laugh aloud and skip like children
Letting whirlwinds lift and fill them

We make the clocks whirr and the bells peal
The seeds grow and the earth heal
They join the galaxies cart-wheeling

Wayne Visser © 2017


Icarus: Favourite Love Poems

This creative collection, now in its 2nd edition, brings together love poems by Wayne Visser. The anthology traces love’s agony (“Broken Dreams”) and ecstasy (“Galaxies Cart-Wheeling”), from first blush (“Almost Strangers”) to full bloom (“Say ‘I Do!’”), as we fly to love. You’ve given me the gift of golden wings / The endless sphere of blue imaginings / The chance to rise above the silver clouds / The will to cast off untold ghostly shrouds / Don’t fly too high / Don’t rise too fast / Don’t tease the sky / Don’t taunt the past / You’ve given me the hope of warmer days / The blessed kiss of the sun’s fiery rays. Buy the paper book / Buy the e-book.