Fractal Faces

I. Beauty

I see the world in your face –
The echoes of your homeland
The whispers of your past
The long song of your people
The memories made to last

I see a face of beauty –
Cheerful and chubby
Tearful and grubby
Tender and twinkly
Crumpled and crinkly

I see you in the morning
I see you late at night
I see you when I’m dreaming
I see you bathed in light

II. Despair

I see the journey in your face –
The first steps of wonder
The twists from the start
The turns of discovery
The path of your heart

I see a face of despair –
Worn out and weary
Beaten and bleary
Rough shod and ragged
Haunted and haggard

I see you in the ghetto
I see you on the street
I see you on the TV
I see you when we meet

III. Hope

I see the story in your face –
The quest for the answers
The courage to fight
The battle of forces
The dark and the light

I see a face of hope –
Wide-eyed and wondrous
Inspired and ponderous
Grateful and giving
Faithful and living

I see you in the city
I see you in the class
I see in the village
I see you when we pass

IV. Freedom

I see nature in your face –
The soil in your skin
The wild in your guise
The rain in your laughter
The sun in your eyes

I see a face of freedom –
Bewildered and bemused
Engaged and enthused
Innovating and learning
Forever sojourning

I see you in the cradle
I see you through the mist
I see you on the wifi
I’m glad that you exist

V. Love

I see the world in your face –
The colours of your palette
The brush marks of your sorrow
The radiance of your vision
The portrait of your tomorrow

I see a face of love –
Compassionate and caring
Shouldering and sharing
Nurturing and feeding
Giving without needing

I see you in the maelstrom
I see you with your smile
I see you in each face I see
You make this life worthwhile

Wayne Visser © 2017


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