Forest Invocation

The forests are burning
The skies filled with smoke
The climate is churning
The children still choke

Let’s end all this madness
Let’s halt our demise
Let’s fight for our jungles
Let’s clean up our skies

The forests are falling
The land cleared for oil
The green frog is calling
The life’s in the soil

Let’s end the destruction
Let’s strengthen our pleas
Let’s fight for our future
Let’s care for our trees

The forests are dying
The cancer is greed
The creatures are crying
The rivers still bleed

Let’s end the excuses
Let’s act to survive
Let’s call on our leaders
Let’s keep trees alive

The forests are living
The lungs of the earth
The trees keep on giving
The worlds’ in rebirth

Let’s take up the challenge
Let’s march for a change
Let’s seed revolution
Let’s replant the grange

The forests are spreading
The lesson is learned
The dead skin is shedding
The hope has returned

Let’s dance for the woodland
Let’s sing for the grove
Let’s praise for the jungle
Let’s rhyme as we rove

The forests are thriving
The chorus is loud
The feeling’s enlivening
The old trees stand proud

Let’s remake this Eden
Let’s rise from our knees
Let’s bring back our forests
Let’s celebrate trees

Wayne Visser © 2015


Wishing Leaves: Favourite Nature Poems

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