Ever been amidst a crowd
And felt you were alone?
Or sensed somehow you were a stranger
Trying to get home?

Ever seemed you were an actor
Live upon the stage?
That all of life was but a drama
Words upon a page?

Ever stood aside yourself
And somehow had to smile?
For the one you were and the one you saw
Were strangers for a while?

Ever had the strangest feeling
Life was but a dream?
That any moment you would wake
To a wider reality?

If ever you have and thought it strange
Think it strange no more
Truth doth oft’ disguise itself
In the hope that we’ll explore.

Wayne Visser © 1988


String, Donuts, Bubbles and Me: Favourite Philosophical Poems

This creative collection, now in its 3rd edition, brings together philosophical poems by Wayne Visser. In this anthology, he muses on subjects ranging from space, angels and destiny to time, science and meaning in life. According to scientists / The world’s made of string / That buzzes and fuzzes / Or some such strange thing / It’s also a donut / That curls round a hole / With middles and riddles / Just like a fish bowl / And there’s no mistaking / It’s more than 3-D / With twenty or plenty / Dimensions unseen / Still others insist / It’s really a bubble / That’s popping and bopping / Through the lenses of Hubble. Buy the paper book / Buy the e-book.