Building Stone Upon Stone

A Tribute to the Centre for Human Ecology in Edinburgh, Scotland

For many moons have gathered now
People from different lands
Around a table carved from wood
Searching to understand
Why we choke the Earth and Sky
The Rivers and the Seas
And why there is injustice still
And social inequity

We’ve travelled over land and sea
And around the jewel of Eire
With its walls of stone and sacred sites
And people to inspire
Our pilgrimage across the hills
Is also one within
For we know: before the world can change
With ourselves we must begin

When we go our different ways
We’ll take all that we’ve learned
And try to realise the better world
For which we yearn
And the Celtic knot may join us still
Through the vision that we share
That all life is connected and
Needs our love and care

We have grown, we have grown
Building stone upon stone
A foundation of hope for tomorrow
We have grown, we have grown
And though our future’s unknown
Every ending is just another beginning

Wayne Visser © 2017


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