Because I Care

When I strike on the streets in mass protest
And warn you to change or beware
It’s not because I’m foolhardy –
It’s because I care
When I brood in the quagmire of worry
And greet your bright smile with a stare
It’s not because I’m unhappy –
It’s because I care

I care that the forests are burning
That the storms are grey prophets of gloom
I care that the children are yearning
For a future where nature can bloom

When I speak with the words of the voiceless
And lay my stark message out bare
It’s not because I’m emotive –
It’s because I care
When I spark with the flames of great passion
And hope that you’ll take up my dare
It’s not because I’m hot-headed –
It’s because I care

I care that the homeless are growing
That the poor cannot flee from their pains
I care that the blood is still flowing
That the slaves are not free from their chains

When I strive for a future that’s better
And look for a purpose to share
It’s not because I’m a hippie –
It’s because I care
When I burst with ideas for solutions
And tackle tough problems with flair
It’s not because I’m creative –
It’s because I care

I care that the animals suffer
That the farms are like factories of doom
I care that survival gets tougher
That the sixth mass extinction now looms

When I call for bold action on climate
And demand that you clean up the air
It’s not because I’m dramatic –
It’s because I care
When I speak of the need for more justice
And implore you to do what is fair
It’s not because I’m a dreamer –
It’s because I care

I care that all black lives should matter
That the scourge of race-hatred remains
I care that the women get battered
That they still have to fight for their gains

When I wish for rewilding of nature
And the right to protect life so rare
It’s not because I’m a “greenie” –
It’s because I care
When I join in the movement for changes
It’s not my intention to scare
It’s just me shaping our future –
It’s because I care.

Wayne Visser © 2021


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