Ancestral Streams

A Tribute to the People of South Africa

A drop in the north
A trickle heading south
A stream spreading out
A tide without end
Still the river flows

Nguni of the south
Nurturing the soil
Gathering the herd
Winning the battles
Still the river flows

Venda of the north
Mining the earth
Ruling the mountain
Taming the crocodile
Still the river flows

Tsonga of the east
Trading the goods
Guarding the port
Touching the globe
Still the river flows

Sotho-Tswana of the west
Crafting the stone
Building the cities
Cultivating the leaf
Still the river flows

Lemba of the centre
Smelting the ore
Making the tools
Honouring the Jews
Still the river flows

Ancestral streams
Coursing through our veins
Wellspring of our nation
Quenching this thirsty land
Still the river flows

Wayne Visser © 2017


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