Africa’s Pride

A Tribute to Ghana

Basking in the welcome
Walking in the rain
Soaking up the sunshine
Wincing at the pain

Port of slaves
Place of gold
Seeds of youth
Roots of old

Markets on the pavement
Traders on the street
Worship under treetops
Beggars with no feet

Forts of cursed
Ships of yoke
Lakes of thirst
Spirits broke

GOD’S GRACE Treasure Chest
Retail’s heaven blessed

Grazing goats
Cows in pens
Roaming dogs
Free range hens

Bridges in the forest
Primates shy and rare
Anthills in the village
Bird songs on the air

Plates of rice
Laced with salt
Blends of spice
Drinks of malt

Fashion on the sidewalk
Music in the heat
Gridlock on the roadway
Dancing to the beat

Adinkra signs
Ashanti kings
Changing times
Freedom’s wings

Looking to the future
Seeing hope-filled eyes
Sensing a fresh vision
Of Africa’s new pride

Wayne Visser © 2017


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