African Pilgrimage

I have walked the long trail of history
And arrived at this day: triumphant!
I have worn the dead yoke of oppression
And arrived at this day: free at last!

I hear the rhythm of drums –
Will you join me in my celebration of life?
I see the colours of change –
Will you join me in my vision of hope?

I have sung the ancient song of the stars
And arrived at this time: awestruck!
I have heard the wild call of creation
And arrived at this time: expectant!

I taste the salt-sweet of justice –
Will you join me in my banquet of faith?
I feel the fire of belonging –
Will you join me in my village of love?

I have tracked the fresh footprints of nature
And arrived at this place: one life!
We are joined by the sacred web of our ancestors
And arrive at this place: one tribe!

Wayne Visser © 2017


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