When I’m gone across the sea
And parted ways amicably
What will remain in memory
Is how you chose adultery

Not all our years of harmony
Nor even words of poetry
Not everything you did for me
But hauntings of adultery

Others judge on what they see
Your gentle smiles and charity
They don’t know your true story
Of sordid, sad adultery

And no amount of flattery
Can cancel your capacity
For causing pain and misery
With weapons of adultery

Just as well you don’t believe
In karma, hell or purgatory
For you will reap as you deceive
From lying and adultery

Is your feeble conscience eased?
Knowing that you are diseased
A victim of pathology
Of cancerous adultery

You think you’re safe in secrecy
That there’s no cost to treachery
But all roads lead to injury
On journeys of adultery

So many losses once I leave
But most of all the one I’ll grieve
Is your long lost integrity
From choices of adultery

Wayne Visser © 2017


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