A Place to Bury Your Heart

A Tribute to Romania

The towering city tumbles easily into village and field
Exchanging its coat of grey for a tunic of green
The snaking road entwines river and railway
Past oil wells tirelessly flexing their mechanical muscles
And corn farms harvesting their crop of human toil

Monsters of industry loom like shadows from a bygone era
Devouring and digesting resources
Breathing in energy and exhaling clouds of poison
And by a tantalising trick of technology
Spitting out trinkets of modern convenience

Savage cliffs embrace the panoramic skyline
Like geological petals unfolding
Revealing forests of waving green and gold
An intoxicating pollen of purity
To the hungry gatherers of Nature’s inspiration

The Heroes’ Cross stands like a solitary sentinel
Keeping watch over the battlefield of life
Bittersweet history echoes down the passages of time
In castles, cathedrals and haunted prison cells of memory
Tombstones to the sacrifices of the many for the few

The patterns of the past are danced into the present
In whirling spray of colour and song
While the present is sown into the promise of the future
With magic seeds of friendship and trust
A fertile land – a place to bury your heart

Wayne Visser © 2017


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