UK Travel Diary

4 August 1992

Arrived in London. To follow: Campervan Tour of UK with Kathleen, Mom and Dad – included Canterbury, Winchester, Stonehenge, Bath, Tintagel, Lake District, Findhorn, Sherwood Forest, Stratford pon Avon.

18 August 1992

By way of first impressions, Findhorn was somehow different from my expectations, although exactly what I had expected I can’t say. Nevertheless, I come away feeling impressed. Findhorn seemed to me a healthy, innovative, spiritually centred living and working community. All evidence pointed towards a creativity and openness of spirit at work, and certainly a willingness to experiment and change as the community evolved. Developments of particular interest included eco-housing projects as well as a number of business initiatives. In general, I believe the Findhorn experiment, and others like it, will be increasingly important as the search for alternative living styles begins to mushroom in the near future.