The Web of Love

Dedicated to Juanita & Jez Cox, on their wedding

We gather on the beach of life
With surf and sand and sun
To join a husband and a wife
As two hearts become one
We join you in the web of love
And as you journey on your way
Exploring far and near
You’ll always have a place to stay
With friends that hold your dear
We hold you in the arms of love
We gather in the maze of time
With twists and turns of fate
To mark this moment as sublime
The meeting of soul mates
We lift you on the wings of love
And when the storm clouds fill the sky
When rain and snow sets in
You’ll keep each other warm and dry
Until the sun gets in
We shield you with the hands of love
We gather on the isle of dreams
With blessings from beyond
From distant stars on silver beams
To celebrate this bond
We leave you in the lap of love.

Wayne Visser © 2010


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