Calm turquoise waters and white tufted skies
Red fiery sea crabs with knobbly stalk eyes
Black sea iguanas with arched horny spines
Blue-footed boobies that plummet and dive
Time drifts and eddies, space sweeps and curls
My body unhinges, my mind gently swirls
Gold crescent beaches and green mangrove trees
Acrobat frigates that twist on the breeze
Sky-dreaming cactuses rise from the ash
Shy silver fishes shimmy and flash
Days stretch and unfurl, nights pulse and pause
My heart finds its rhythm, my soul lifts and soars
Cool soothing drizzle and grey lapping waves
A vigilant pelican watches and preys
Fresh footprints fade as the lunar-tide churns
A white-tipped shark ghosts and glides as it turns
Hopes swell and teeter, dreams froth and spray
Serenity lingers as I go on my way

Wayne Visser © 2011


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