By Wayne Visser

There’s talk of revolution
In the markets and the streets
There’s talk of love and hatred
In the rhyme of hip-hop beats
They say a change is coming
To the corridors of power
They say the day of judgement
Draws nearer by the hour
There’s news of revolution
In the papers and the wires
There’s news of greed and hunger
And it’s spreading like wild fires
They say the planet’s burning
From our love affair with stuff
They say we’re suicidal
For not knowing what’s enough
Let’s start the revolution
For the migrants and the slaves
Let’s start regeneration
With the sun and wind and waves
They say the world awakens
As the networks spark and grow
They say the future brightens
As we share the things we know
Let’s join the revolution
At the factories and the farms
Let’s join the call to action
Syncing hearts and linking arms
They say an Age is dawning
As the prophecies unwind
For the biggest revolution
Is a metamorphic mind
So be the revolution
For the ninety-nine per cent
Be the change you want to see
And make your chosen dent

Wayne Visser © 2016

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