My Father’s Son

By Wayne Visser

We’ve come a great long way together
Upon the trail of father and son
We’ve chased the flight of Illusions’ feather
And watched the swirling Tao stream run.
From cradling safety in your arms
To infant hugs down on the beach
And catapulting shoulder dives –
Your love was never out of reach.
Then as I grew from boy to man
You placed a compass in my hand –
A set of values and ideals
That point true North in every land.
I watched and learned, as patient deeds
Turned dreams into reality
You taught me that hard work and faith
Grow seeds defying gravity.
So many worlds we’ve seen together
So many things we’ve dared and done
I love you always and forever
I’m proud to be my father’s son.

Wayne Visser © 2015

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