By Wayne Visser

I write my dreams in wisps of smoke
That swirl before the dawn;
And when I wake, my mind unblurs
To trace the edge of morn.
I rise with words, like tousled hair,
Still wild and unrestrained;
And when I brush them into place,
They fight to stay untamed.
Once at the gym, to treadmill beat,
Thoughts form and fall in line;
And when I stroke the cool blue lengths
The words swim laps in time.
Returning home, under the shower,
I write in jets of steam;
And after breakfast, at my desk,
I face a blinking screen.
I type one word – a secret key
Which opens many doors –
And gaze upon a sea of words:
An ocean spanning shores.
I dive into the frothy tides
With flailing keyboard strokes;
And when I’ve splashed and made some waves,
Seek land before I choke.
I write day-dreams in digi-chrome
That spreads like inks that spill;
And when dusk falls, I find my words
Have travelled where they will.
I write my life in daily prose
That walks a winding road;
And as I write, my story springs
From mind-seeds I have sowed.

Wayne Visser © 2015

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