Just Imagine

By Wayne Visser

Just imagine …
A life without each other
Without the smiles and laughter
Without the hand to hold or lips to kiss
No soothing voice to hear
Talking about the day’s meanderings
And the mysteries of life and art
Just imagine …
We go our separate ways
Back to our own worlds
Spinning in dark space
Space that is more empty
Because we no longer shine
In each other’s night sky
Just imagine …
We become another memory
Something to look back on
To appreciate and yet also regret
Because what we had was good
And now it is merely a shadow
Where the sun might have shone
And all because …
We somehow lost our faith
In each other and in us
We somehow failed to trust
And to cling to hope’s promise
We failed to accept love’s call
And to answer “yes!”
Just imagine …

Wayne Visser © 2007



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